Private Investigator Marketing: Using Radio Spots

Private Investigator Marketing: Using Radio Spots

There was a time that people listened to the radio at home as well as in their car.
If you didn't advertise in the local newspaper, the best way to let people know about a business was through a radio spot. Public service announcements are still made on local radio stations. Are you leveraging the power of radio for your private investigator business?

An effective marketing program will include a variety of advertising strategies. This means a mix of both offline and online components. One of the most useful offline methods is radio. It represents a friendly and easily digestible format. People can be doing something else and still learn all about you.

Just like videos, radio requires a listening ear which can absorb information more quickly than by reading.
People listen to the radio in their cars. Some with office jobs listen to it at their desks. In the car, however, you have a captive audience. Sure they can change the station, but if it is their favorite one, they will continue to listen through the advertisements.

Consider this when creating your advertising script for the radio spot.
Tips for Making the Most of Radio Advertising
Know your target audience - If your target audience listens to country music, then advertising on a rock network isn't going to help you much. If they listen to the radio mostly during the morning commute, paying to play your commercial at midday won't benefit your business.

Choose a station that your demographic listens to. More than one station will require additional radio spots.
Consider the costs - Whatever airtime goes for these days, start with the shorter advertising segment. Tailor your commercial to provide the most relevant information in the time allotted.
Check with other business owners - Ask for advice from others who have been involved in radio advertising and get their advice for length of airtime, content, and which stations are most friendly and inviting to local businesses.

Choose the right voice - The wrong voice to advertise your private investigator business can be disastrous. You don't want a grating voice that gets on people's nerves or one that is so soothing that it puts them to sleep. The voice needs to be clear, concise and engaging to the audience.
For example, if your target audience is men of a certain age, a female voice may be the most inviting to them.

Decide on a schedule for your advertising - When do you want the commercial to play? Make sure the time you choose coincides with the time that your target audience is most likely to be listening.
Try out different ads - Don't run the same ad on more than one station. Switch it up with voice and script to see how they compare with drawing in business.
Radio is still a good medium for driving customers to businesses like yours.

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